Borborema Lithium Project

Solis Minerals has acquired 24 exploration licences covering over 25,000 hectares in northeast Brazil, targeting exploration of Lithium-Caesium-Tantalum (LCT) bearing pegmatites in an area with favourable geological characteristics. The mineral-rich region has seen minimal modern exploration efforts, presenting a compelling opportunity for Solis Minerals.

The tenements are strategically positioned along the contact zones of intrusive granitoid bodies and metavolcanic-metasediment units. These geological features are known to be conducive to the formation of valuable mineral deposits.

The region has a rich historical mining legacy, with tantalum-niobium and tin being extracted from pegmatite bodies within the province. This historical mining activity underscores the geological potential for the presence of valuable critical minerals, including lithium, caesium, and tantalum.

The tenements are strategically positioned, with several operating mines nearby already extracting other minerals. This synergy allows for a comprehensive and holistic exploration approach, leveraging the collective knowledge and resources for maximum efficiency and success.

The Project benefits from excellent access and infrastructure. Major regional centres, such as Recife and Natal, are in close proximity to the project area, ensuring ease of logistics and support for exploration activities.

The leading opportunities in the Borborema portfolio are the Estrela and Mina Vermelha Prospects.

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